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Pyle PT798SBA 7.1 Channel House Theater System with Satellite Speakers, Center Channel, Subwoofer and Bluetooth

Pyle PT798SBA 7.1 Channel Home Theater System with Satellite Speakers, Center Channel, Subwoofer and Bluetooth

This 7.1 speaker property theater technique from Pyle turns your Television room into a screening room! It comes with seven satellite speakers, including one center speaker, and a subwoofer, for a total of 160 watts of theater-top quality sound. But it is not just speakers – the PT798SBA consists of a receiver with an FM radio, wireless Bluetooth audio compatibility, and gold capped AV inputs to serve as a selector among audio gear. And you can manage it all – your bass and treble settings, the input, FM frequency – using the integrated wireless remote. The digital VFD display is gorgeous and displays relevant data.

Product Characteristics

  • Bluetooth Compatible – Bass, Treble Controls – MP3 & MP4 Compatible – 50Hz-330Hz – THD: .1% – Weight: 35.three lbs
  • Play Music From Your Digital Music Player or Phone – Totally Functional Wireless Remote Control – DVD & CD Compatible – Subwoofer Dimensions (DxWxH): 16.five-Inch x 15.-Inch x ten.two-Inch – Supplies: Satellite
  • 164 Watts Total Energy – Digital VFD Display – FM Tuner – Front, Surround, Rear L/R Channel Dimensions: 5.5-Inch x five.5-Inch x 11.four-Inch – Plastic, Subwoofer
  • Subwoofer Power: 80 Watts – Subwoofer ten-Inch Extended Throw Acive Driver – Frequency Range: Satellites – Center Channel Dimensions: 9.three-Inch x four.7-Inch x 3.1-Inch – Wood
  • Satellites and Center Speaker Power: 84 Watts (7×12 W) – Gold Capped A/V Cables & Wires – 150Hz-20kHz, Subwoofer – S/N: 85dB – Color: Black

Check this video for far more info on home jvc system theater:

JVC TH-L1 Home Theater System Review

The JVC TH-L1 House Theater System provides a full house theater method with 1080p HDMI inputs, and all the other expected inputs, all at a excellent price tag.

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23 thoughts on “Pyle PT798SBA 7.1 Channel Home Theater System with Satellite Speakers, Center Channel, Subwoofer and Bluetooth

  1. I looked into buying this. Only found second hand units. Nothing new for sale.? It turns out JVC discontinued the TH-L1. Seemed like a real sweet system for the going price and got many favorable reviews. Why did JVC have to pull the product from sale?

  2. This is a low end Mickey Mouse HTIB for Goofy customers who enjoy limited SQ,dynamics and …love flea market quality.

    The monkier Home Theater is an old running joke. This system is only for those who do not know better or are so cash strapped it squeals!?

  3. please take eagles hand since you fall in the same category. He was referring to the plug the iPod has? for docking/ recharging. If you connect it that way, you can control the songs. I’d like to see you do that with the jack to phono plug…

  4. ‘Its got plugs for the rest of your gear as well, including your iPod’

    Fucking hell iPods dont use some special futuristic one of a kind connection, its just like ANY OTHER? walkman, a jack to phono.

  5. been? more than a year since I bought a refurbished one with a 3-year warranty for less than 150 c$. It was cheaper than just buying an HDMI switch, and it is perfect for my ps3

  6. I have a JVC Home theater system model # TH – D60. It failed? me. It had awesome sound through 1,200 watts of power. But after about 2 years it died. It plays discs but with NO sound and the fan won’t kick on anymore. Seems like it could have overheated from the fan malfunction… I don’t know electronics. JVC is on my shit list. I’m going 2 get a seperate reciever [no player] hooked to a blue ray DVD player with my existing JVC speakers. I’m quite angry.

  7. no dude u can get far better competitor products in 300$ , this one is over priced , t just need to be under 200$?

  8. This device is hdmi passthrough and will not decode hdmi audio to the correct channels. You will need to use a seperate audio lead. Other then that it works fine. My setup…

    Xbox360 – HDMI + Digital Optical (Video 1 Digital)
    DVD – HDMI + Coax Digital (Video 2 Digital)
    V+ Cable – HDMI + Digital Optical (Video 1, Digial
    Wii – Componant (Video 1, Analog)

    To Achieve the above I have to have the xbox plugged into HDMI2 on my TV and I have a 2 into 1? Optical adapter for my xbox and Cable.

  9. hia, i am geting the jvc TH-L1 soon im seting it up with my ps3 and my projecter how would? i set it up? im going 2 put a hdmi cable from the projecter 2 my ps3 and a optical audio cable from my ps3 2 the jvc TH -L1

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